Sunday, 28 July 2013

DIY Teeth whitener with strawberries: Smile please

Smiling face can never look ugly. Very well said!! What are the two most important things that show through when you smile? It’s your lips and your teeth. For lips it’s rather easy to take care of them, you can use lip balms, lip scrubs and you get the gorgeous pout. Results are instant. Isn’t it? 

However, when it comes to your teeth, yellow or pale teeth can make you feel conscious while you smile. There are rarely very few people who get pearly white teeth, since due to our lifestyle these days teeth tends to get pale. 

You have head it quite a lot of time brushing everyday two times keeps your teeth clean and keeps bad breath, tarter, cavities away, though brushing only cannot make sure that you will get whiter teeth and this is the reason why you see so many teeth whitening products like whitening strips but if you wish you can get the pearly color of your teeth by using this simple Do it yourself trick.
They are not expensive and you can easily get them from your kitchen.
You may love eating strawberries but they can also help you in making your teeth whiter.
Preparation: Take a ripe strawberry and 1/4th teaspoonful of baking soda. Make the pulp out of your strawberry and then mix the baking soda it in, so that it becomes a paste like consistency.
Now, use this paste to brush your teeth for about 5 minutes. You will feel your teeth are clean and shiny. I did that recently and couldn’t help touching them with my tongue, they feel so clean.
As strawberries have Malic acid, which helps making the teeth white baking soda gently polishes their surface and again helps in removing any stains. Make sure it use this once a week since it has acid and it may break the enamel of your teeth and also strawberry have sugar content so brush your teeth as you normally would do after using this strawberry and baking soda paste. 
Additionally, try to cut down on caffeine and drink more fresh juices and water since Caffeine present in tea and coffee stains the teeth and make them yellow over the time. If in case you have to make it a habit to drink your yummy cold coffee or tea with a straw, in that way teeth will not come directly in contact with these beverages.
So, do give it a try and smile with confidence. You lovely smile is the cheapest and best makeup you can put on after all a smiling face can never look ugly. Right!!!



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