Thursday, 1 August 2013

DIY: Make your own Rose water at home

How to make rose water at home

Rose water can be the mildest toner that tones and freshen up the skin. Not only this, it can be used to mix with powder face packs for the home made dry facepacks like Multani, Neem powder, sandal wood powder, Gram flour etc.

They are easily available in the market like Dabur gulabari but when you can easily make your own rose water at home.

For that you will need:
A cup full of rose petals

A cup of filtered water

There are two methods to make rose water easily at home but here I will share the easier one.

Pour a cup of filtered water in the pan or bowl and put all the rose petals in that water. Let the water boil and then once it does, let it simmer. 

After 15 minutes, take the pan off and let it cool. Strain the liquid and transfer your rose water into a clean bottle.
Keep it in the refrigerator and it is ready to use. Your Rose water will be pink in color.

Now, if you wish to use it to tone for face only then you can also put half a tea spoonful of Apple cider Vinegar or Witch hazel. So that every time you use it, it reduces the pores and tones for face.
Wasn’t that easy!! 


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