Friday, 2 August 2013

Kim Kardashian Makeup Breakdown and Looks

Kim Kardashian makeup Breakdown and looks

Reality star Kim Kardashian is well known for her flawless makeup and bright under eye area with smokey eye makeup.
Here is the breakdown of her 3 looks.
In the first makeup look here, she looks ravishing in that close up picture.

Eyes- She has very lightly filled eye brows and on the eyelids she has a grey shimmery eye shadow on the centre of the lid and shimmery silver in the inner corner to highlight that area, Outside corner of her lid, she has a dark grey or black eye shadow with heavy kohl on the waterline. Mascara to complete the eye makeup

Cheeks- On the cheeks, she has peachy matte blush with some contouring.

Lips- Peachy orange lip color on her lips completes the look.

In this second look, she looks a bit old, may be her bad skin day, but this look can be definitely sported by mature women or for an evening party.

Eyes- She is known for her spider lashes and here she has stacked two lashes. On the eyelid, there is a medium brown eye shadow which is also used below the waterline and a lighter shimmery color on the inner corners of the eyes.

Cheeks- There is no blush only a shimmery bronzer.

Lips- In that look, she is wearing an oxblood shade of lipcolor that has some gold shimmers.

The last makeup look is simply beautiful! 

Eyes- She has gold eye shadow on her eyelids and some grayish eyes shadow below the waterline. Eyes are lined with eyeliner and false lashes and of course some mascara to make the eyes open up.

Lips- For the lips she is wearing only a clear gloss, which makes this whole look subtle, soft and day time wearable.

Cheeks- Some bronzer is used to contour and pink blush on the apples of the cheeks.

This look is just perfect for the day time and can be easily transformed into an evening time makeup by putting some bright lipstick.

 Image Courtesy: 123


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