Friday, 15 November 2013

Aroma magic Under eye cream Review and benefits

I will review Aroma magic under eye cream in this post. It is an almond based cream for the under eye area.
It is available at 115 rupees for a 20 g pack.
Aroma magic Under eye cream Review and benefits
Company saysRemoves Fine Lines & Wrinkles using extracts of Lemon Peel, Almond, Bach and pure essential oils of Rose, Carrot and Lavender.

Vitamin A and C give excellent tone nourishment, suppleness, minimize wrinkles and rings around the eyes.
Directions for use: Gently pat the cream around the eyes with finger tips and wipe off with damp cotton after 20 minutes. “

Good features of this Aroma magic under eye almond cream:
Aroma magic under eye cream has a white tube with a red cap and tube packaging makes it easy to use. It is for 115 g as mentioned earlier and you get 20 g of product in it which is decent as a little quantity is enough for one time usage.
This cream has a thick texture with a pleasant smell. You have to apply it with your ring finger under the eyes and leave it for 20 – 25 minutes and then wipe off with a damp cotton ball/pad. While using, this cream has improved the under eye area as it nourishes it and gives proper hydration. Its almond extract along with Vitamin A and C keeps the delicate area moist. Over the time, it improves the appearance of dark circles and also prevents more fine fines formation as compared to when you don’t use eye cream. It is said that using eye cream daily can keep the area brightened and fine lines and wrinkles can be delayed.

Aroma magic Under eye cream Review and benefits

Features that may bother: It claims to reduce dark circles and fine lines though there were positive results for the dark circles as they were reduced and the under eye area was brighter but there was no improvement in fine lines. If you have puffy eyes then do not use this cream version, this is also available in gel form so, better use that one, as cream form can makes eye more puffy whereas gel can be absorbed better and reduces the puffiness. They have not listed full lists of all the ingredients used.
Rating: 8 on 10
Who will like it? This Aroma magic almond under eye cream gives decent results in dark circles and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes but if your problem is under eye puffiness then try to use their gel form as it can be a bit heavy.


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