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DIY foot scrub at home

DIY foot scrub at home
Our feet take a lot during the day. They may get tanned easily and often for most of us it is the most neglected body part. You may notice then that your feet are getting rough and have got dead skin around the toes and heels. Just like our face and hands they also need equal attention.
You can go for a pedicure in a parlor/saloon by a professional but that can be expensive while, it is something that you can do, even if you don’t want pedicures.

You can try to do foot scrubbing at home which will not cost of anything though the results will be effective with smoother and hydrated looking feet.

You will need:
A bucket half filled with warm water.
Half cup Salt
Half cup Sugar
Half cup Honey or yoghurt
Foot file
Foot cream

First of all you will need to relax your tired feet by soaking them in that bucket filled with warm water and before immersing your feet put half a cup of salt. Remember, your feet should not have any cut or injuries as salt will make it burn, if you do have then, skip using salt just plain warm water.
Put your feet in that salty water and relax for 15-20 minutes. Read a magazine to pass the time or listen to music.
In between that you can mix half cup of sugar in half cup of honey/yoghurt
Once you have taken out your feet, the warm water would have relaxed and soothed them and also the dead skin would have been loosened.
Now, take a foot file and start rubbing in on your heels and in front of the toes to get rid of the dead skin.
Be gentle, don’t hurt yourself.

Once you are done with the filing. Take the sugar and honey or yoghurt mixture and apply it all over the feet and massage in circular motions. You will notice how good it feels as all the tension is relived and feet starts to feel relaxed. Do the massaging and scrubbing with the mixture for good 10 minutes and then leave it on the feet like a foot pack for 10 minutes more.

Now, dip you feet in the warm water which by now would have been normal and rinse the mixture off. Then take a mug of clean plan water and again pour on the feet to clean them further.

Take a towel and wipe them, then proceed with a foot cream. Your Foot scrubbing session is done. Our feet will say thanks to you for that!

They will look and feel smoother and tanning will also be removed with this procedure is done regularly.
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