Saturday, 1 March 2014

Vicco Turmeric skin cream Review

Vicco turmeric fairness skin cream 
In this post a review will be done of one of the oldest brand and skin care cream. It is Vicco turmeric skin cream. It is for 48 rupees for a small tube of 15grams.
Vicco claims Vicco turmeric is is an ayurvedic formula that has the goodness of sandalwood oil and other herbs. It is beneficial for cuts, skin inflammation, wounds, pimples and boils or any type of skin irritation. Turmeric in it makes skin fairer in few days and naturally.
Enriched with the goodness of the nature’s best healing element turmeric, the Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream is a natural and the safest way to get rid of all your skin problems. The Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream contains extracts of turmeric and sandalwood oil that are one of the natures best weapons against acne, scars and other skin related problems."

Good features of this Vicco turmeric skin cream
This vicco turmeric cream is in a small tube with a yellow cap and bears a face of a pretty woman who used to come on TV and films and since then the packaging have been the same and the same ad too runs occasionally on TV. It is a thick cream when you squeeze it out of the tube and the smell is like that of sandalwood. It is a very light yellow in color and when applied it gets white on the face and then absorbs completely leaving the skin smelling good and also velvety to touch. Skin looks toned and doesn’t feel greasy. It can be very good for the minor cuts and burns like an antiseptic cream. When it is used on the face, the skin doesn’t look too white on the skin.

Vicco cream has not caused any pimples yet and it is also said to improve the skin complexion but this is not true, just an improvement in skin texture is seen may be. This cream has a shelf life of 3 years and price is also very cheap. It is also available on most of the shops and online stores too.
Not so good
It may not be good for dry skin as it donot give enough moisture and a bit thick for the dry skin and also for the oily skin can be okay but after some time skin starts to sweat.
Rating- 7 out of 10
Who will like it? Very cheap and easily available skin acre cream that helps skin to have a good texture. It is more suitable for normal skin.


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