Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Chemical peeling benefits and side effects

Chemical peeling benefits and side effects

The procedure of chemical peeling is quite popular these days with our desire to look young as ever with smooth flawless skin with no wrinkles and lines.

Let’s see some benefits and side effects of chemical peeling.

Benefits of chemical peeling

It involves the removal of top most layers of the skin with the use of non toxic chemicals due to which the skin appears smoother and with lesser lines and blemishes.

Chemical peels are good for achieving a younger and radiant looking skin.

It get rid of the marks and blemishes due to bout of acne.

Skin appears more even toned as the hyper pigmentation is also noticeably reduced when the top most layers are sloughed off.

Peels are available in required depth as per the patient’s/client’s requirement and skin condition

They are safe though depends majorly on the person/professional who is performing the procedure.

Over the time chemical peels enhances and boosts the collagen production that keeps the skin taut and firm.

For freckles and open pores chemical peels can be a good way to get rid of them as pores are hard to get deal with.

Patchy and rough skin is removed by the chemical peeling sessions and the new skin is less patchy and dry and id taken good care it will maintain its elasticity and won’t be that dry.

Like every coin has two sides chemical peeling too has its fair share of side effects.

Side effects of chemical peeling

Bad effects from the light peeling can be still recovered within a couple of days though deeper the peels the more risk is there.

Some can notice change in the skin complexion or hyper pigmentation at certain areas on the skin which were not there earlier.

Stinging and burning sensation is common during medium and deep chemical peeling procedures.

Deeper peels can involve blisters on the skin as well along with some rashes.

Skin can get irritated even if the chemical solution used is non toxic and is completely safe.

The professional performing the session has a huge impact on the success of the chemical peeling session.

Therefore, if you are thinking about going for chemical peeling treatment to get rid of the certain skin conditions, make sure that you seek complete advice and always look for a professional for your peeling sessions. Get your skin evaluated by a skin care expert before opting for the depth of the peels and the peeling agent. Post treatment precautions are even more important so, make sure that you have gained all the knowledge about the same from your specialist!


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