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Homeremedies to get rid of the Whiteheads naturally

How to get rid of whiteheads naturally from the face

Those tiny pearly white beady bumps that you notice on your cheeks or nose are called as whiteheads. They can be very annoying and you really want to get rid of whiteheads as soon as possible. First you need to know how these whiteheads are formed. When the sebum comes in contact with the oils, dirt and bacteria, the bacteria infects the area and clogs the pore that is when covered with a sheath of skin over it, gets hardened and a whitehead is formed. You can see whiteheads commonly on the nose, cheeks and chin. The areas where the pores are more likely to get blocked or there is a lot of sebum products, chances are that the whiteheads will form far more easily.

There can be home remedies by which you can get rid of the whiteheads fast and naturally. Apart from that there are some precautions as well that you need to take care of so that once whiteheads are gone, they not be formed and avoided.
Here are some home remedies to get rid of whiteheads on the face fast.

Sugar lemon and honey home remedy for whiteheads
You can make a scrub at home with sugar, lime juice and honey which you will have to rub on the entire face or on the parts with whiteheads, like whiteheads on your nose, cheeks, chin etc.
This scrub gently exfoliates the top most layers of the whiteheads and with frequent use, you will notice that the topmost layer erodes off and the whiteheads will come out with some pressure. Make sure that you do not scratch with your nails as it will leave marks.
Steaming your face for whiteheads removal
Steaming works the best for unclogging the pores and gets rid of whiteheads. You will need a tub of warm water and a towel. Bend over the hot water tub or bucket and cover your head with the towel to form a tent so that the heat should not escape too quickly. You can start with 10 minutes of steaming and then followed with a scrubbing session. You will need to scrub your face with either a homemade scrub or a readymade one as after the steaming skin becomes very soft and pores are open. So it is the suitable time to get rid of the whiteheads from your face. But be careful, gently scrub away the whiteheads. If you see that, in the first time whiteheads do not come out, don’t worry. Try to steam your face twice a week and repeat the same procedure, slowly whiteheads will come out.
Potato home remedy to get rid of whiteheads
Potatoes also work well to get rid of the whiteheads. You will need to rub the potato juice over your face or on the places where whiteheads are there and gradually it will help you get away with the whiteheads.
These were some home remedies that will make whiteheads disappear fast and naturally but you will have to take some prevention and precautions so that the whiteheads should not trouble you again:
1. Make sure you do not put too much pressure or use finger nails to get the whiteheads out, let them come on the surface naturally and on their own else they will leave scars.
2. Once you have taken them off, apply astringent or a good face pack afterwards.
3. Take steam once or twice even if you have freed yourself from whiteheads since steaming cleans the pores and will make sure that you will not get whiteheads again on your face.
4. Remove your makeup properly before going to sleep and avoid touching your face.
5. Use oil free skin care and makeup products to prevent whiteheads
6. If you’re a guy then try to keep the skin clean and go for astringent or toners after the face washing. This will help preventing and eliminating whiteheads.

These tips and tricks will definitely help you get rid of your whiteheads faster and effectively all you have to be is a little patient and regular in doing the treatments for the whiteheads.


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