Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tips to enhance your natural beauty and look beautiful without makeup

Tips to get beautiful naturally

Makeup can help enhancing your features and making your prettier but what if your natural beauty can be enhanced and there can be lesser use of makeup. Yes you can do it. Home remedies and herbal treatments have tremendous potential to enhance your beauty like making your skin glow, making your hair beautiful and shiny.
Here are some beauty tips that will definitely help you reveal your natural beauty. You will look and feel good without the need of loads of makeup.

Healthy and glowing skin is enviable and when you have good skin, you will not need a lot of makeup like foundation, concealers etc. For naturally beautiful skin, drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits. Stick to cleansing, toning, moisturization and sunscreen routine during the day and cleansing, toning and night cream for the night time routine. If you are over 25 then using an anti aging cream to slow down skin aging. It will make skin to be in good condition and also will maintain its elasticity. If you have oily skin, stay away from products that have oils and can clog your pores. Take steam once in a week to unclog the pores followed by a good face pack.

You can also massage your face once in a week to boost the blood circulation and also to enhance the glow. Exfoliation is really important in getting a clear and smooth skin. It also fades the marks and spots therefore, depending on your skin type, exfoliate your skin using a scrub. If you have sensitive skin then try mild scrubs and don’t rub do rashly. Be gentle!

Just like the skin, hair needs attention and pampering as well. Oil your hair once in a week using oils like almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil or even the mixture of these oils. Oiling boosts blood circulation nourishes the scalp and also promotes the hair growth.
Use mild shampoos and conditioner as harsh full of chemical shampoos can dry out the hair. Do not rub your hair while drying. Let them air dry and use minimum heat styling. If you have dry hair them try eggs and olive oil hair pack, it helps in making the hair softer and smoother. For dandruff, you can use yoghurt or lime juice. Again for beautiful hair, drink lots of water.

Sunken and puffy eyes can take away the beauty of your face. Try to do some eye exercises while working on computers. Every night you can apply a good under eye cream to hydrate the area under your eyes. Take proper sleep for 7-8 hours. Every couple of days, use eye pads that you can make by soaking cotton pads with chilled cucumber juice or milk and keeping them over the eyes for 20 minutes. It will reduce the puffiness and any darkness under the eyes. Do not rub your eyes as it can damage them and creates lines.

Brittle or irregular nails don’t look good. To get beautiful nails, go for manicures at least in a month or do it yourself at home. Use the nail file in one direction as to and from motion can damage them. Push the cuticles back while the skin is soft and keep the nails clean.

Try these beauty tips for your skin, hair, nails and eyes to let your natural beauty shine and certainly you will not need a lot of makeup to hide the imperfections and flaws. Everyone is beautiful the only thing they need is to enhance and maintain it.


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