Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Choose the right toner for your skin type

What’s the first thing you do in the morning for your skin? Of course you will say Cleansing. Right! Cleansing is the first and foremost and very important step when it comes to skin care. Time and again we have heard about how Cleansing, toning and moisturizing can be the best regimen to follow. 

We buy cleansers and moisturizers and very well aware about they do but when it comes to toners, we would either skip this step as it isn’t necessary or the toner hasn’t suited you so discontinued using it.

What exactly Toners do for your skin then?
Toners may help in removing any excess oil or dirt or even makeup traces that have been left by the cleansers.  They also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin since our skin is or the acidic side and while using cleansers like soaps especially it tends to get disturbed as per the normal pH balance which will automatically be restored but using a toner that suits you if you are using a cleanser that may disrupt the balance is advisable. Now, most importantly Toners are also meant to shrink the pore size hence making the large pores appear small.
Toners with alcohol content tend to dry out your skin since along with the oil and dirt they will even strip the natural and essential oils on the skin and that may be the cause that we often ignore or discontinue using them. High in alcohol toners not only dry out our skin but then if the skin is oily then the sebaceous glands tend to produce more oil to combat the loss.
You may have realized that the term skin toners can be applied to not only toners but to astringents and facial sprays or mists too. Face sprays are the mildest of all as they don’t have alcohol or very low alcohol content for e.g. the rose water sprays or mists or even witch hazel to name a few. On the other hand Astringents are high in alcohol content which makes them fall under the category of toners that you will dislike since they dry out the skin and then you experience more oil and greasiness on the skin. Not to forget they still will tighten the large pores.

So, how to choose the right toner for your skin?
Choose a toner that has low or no alcohol content so that you don’t experience dry skin after using it.

If you have dry skin then it is best to choose a toner that has some moisturizing properties and oils however, for oily combination and acne prone skin it is best to go for alcohol free ones.

Beautiful skin is like a dream for all those of us who don’t have a perfect skin like some blessed rare people. But choosing right products as per the skin type, age and climate can show positive changes in the way your skin looks, same is the case with skin toners when used the appropriate ones you can fetch good results, So, next time you think of skipping it think again why are you skipping and what exactly do you need!

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