Saturday, 20 July 2013

DIY Bi Phased Eye Makeup Remover at Home with olive oil

Eye makeup can be as simple as tight lining the eyes to very glamorous with lots eye shadows, eyeliner and mascaras. It looks fantastic but when it comes to removing eye makeup, it’s such a pain!
The waterproof mascara would budge off till the time you use a makeup remover and that eyeliner as well that claims to have a smudge free formula.
Today, I will talk about how to make your own eye makeup remover that can remove not only waterproof eye makeup but also nourishes the eyes. How? You will find later keep on reading!

In order to make this very simple eye makeup remover you will need only 4 products.
Olive oil
Castor oil
Distilled water
An empty container

Mix olive oil and castor oil in equal quantities. Shake and mix them well.  They are oils (non polar) so they will mix.  Both these oils are carrier oils that mean they are not volatile and will not evaporate and no need to keep them in dark glass bottles unlike essential oils.
Now, take distilled water in the amount 3 times of the olive oil/castor. In other words if you have taken one teaspoonful of olive oil and one teaspoonful of castor oil then take 3 teaspoonful of distilled water.

Store it in empty bottle and your home made water proof eye makeup remover is ready!
As it has olive oil and castor oil which nourishes your eyes and under eye area. 

Castor oil is known to promote the eyelash growth and over the period thickens them. 

Olive oil is beneficial for our skin though it may be comedogenic but as area around the eyes do not have sebaceous glands we don’t have to worry at all. It will rather nourish the eye area and lighten dark circles. You may use Extra Virgin olive oil.

Just like other Bi phased makeup remover, shake it well and then take some on a cotton pad and remove your eye make easily. When you shake it vigorously the oil and water breaks in so many micro droplets and once taken it a cotton pad, we get a mixture of both of them so, while using that cotton pad on the eyes the oils present will break and dissolve the waterproof eyeliner, mascara etc and the water present will help in cleaning and wiping of the dissolved makeup.

It works no less than the readymade makeup remover.  Try yourself and see.



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