Thursday, 25 July 2013

Review of Aroma magic Aromatic Toner

Aroma magic is a herbal brand that has variety of herbal skin care, haircare, body care etc products, I bought this Aromatic skin toner from them, which I will review today.
Toner are very important in skin care regimen and you should choose a toner meeting your skin requirements.

It is priced at 55 Rs for 120 ml of the lotion and you can use it for 2 year. I will say it is a good price wise.

Good features
This toner is also called as skin fresh lotion and they have labeled it suitable for normal to dry skin, as oily skin types may need more like an astringent to get rid of excess oil left even after cleansing. But it can be used by them as a face freshener.
It comes in a bottle with a flip top cap, no spray so you can either put the toner in a spray bottle or use it by putting some on a cotton ball.
They have said that it can be used as to make face packs as well. Like we do add rose water or plain water, so you can add instead.

It is has extracts of carrots and basil and also essential oils such as Rose, Geranium and Neroli.
These essential oils nourish the dry skin and also maintain the pH balance of the skin which is the primary purpose of toners which makes this Aroma magic aromatic toner ideal for dry to normal skin types. It is amongst the mild form of toners that are alcohol free as alcohol can strip moisture and even the oil from the skin.
As soon as you apply, you can feel how good it smells, and instantly refreshes the skin. I did notice that it tightens the pores though temporarily and works great for mixing powder face packs like sandalwood and Multani mitti, Neem powder pack for acne etc.

Not so good things
There were no bad things about this toner since it does a good job and comes at a very cheap price. The only thing can be absence of a spray pump as pumps makes using such products easier.
They have not mentioned any other ingredients except for the ones that I mentioned above.

Rating: It would be a 8.5 out of 10 for this product

This skin toner will be preferred by people who have dry to normal skin, looking for a cheap toner/face freshener that can tighten the pores though oily skinned people can also use this as a mild face freshner or for mixing face packs. Aroma magic products are easily available online.



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