Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIY: Make your own Facial Skin Toner with Green Tea

Make your own skin toner 
Facial Toners can not only tone your skin and makes your skin’s pH balance but they can also tighten your pores and makes skin glowy and beautiful, when you use then regularly and as per the skin types.
Like a right product for your skin type can do wonders in the same way a product that isn’t made for your skin type and doesn’t cater to its requirements is a waste of money and equivalent to torture for your delicate facial skin.
Here I will tell you how to make your own green tea facial toner which is excellent for every skin type and is easy to make and no to forget it’s natural, no chemicals.
For this you will need, a green tea bag and some filtered water and Apple cider Vinegar. Please don’t use vinegar as it’s different from Apple cider Vinegar. You may find it easily in grocery stores or Super stores. Remember even Scarlett Johansson says that she uses it for her skin.
Green tea originally originated in China but has become extremely famous and widely used all over the world. It is full of antioxidant and polyphenols. It is known for its anti aging properties and cures sun damaged skin.

Apple cider Vinegar may not smell good but trust me, it is wonderful if you have acne prone skin, It is antibacterial andante fungal. It helps reducing the blemishes, tones skin and shrinks large pores. It also brings glow to the face.

Dip a green tea bag in a cup of filtered water and let them soak in till you get the tea extracts. Add two teaspoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar and put the contents in a clean spray bottles as spray bottles are easier to use or if you don’t have one you can use any normal bottle and use your home made toner by taking some on a cotton pad lightly dabbing on the areas that have pores or blemishes.

Make it a point that you do not use your hands in the toner while making it.
This toner can be kept in the refrigerator and I would suggest that you make only a cup at a time so that it can last for  7-8 days.
It works no less than the store bought skin toners and is suitable for all skin types. People with sensitive skin can reduce the amount of Apple cider vinegar if they feel it is too strong.

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