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Cucumber and potato to reduce dark circles under the eyes

Cucumber and potato to reduce dark circles

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes can make you look older than your age. Dark circles can be due to hereditary, stress, not sleeping properly, liver diseases, sinus etc
They can take the beauty away from your eyes. 

Make up can hide your dark circles though temporarily and instantly but for permanent solution you try a lot of creams, serums and lotions, however, there are natural home remedies that can help reduce the dark circles and also some changes in your lifestyle can also greatly reduce and prevent them.
Here are 2 natural tips to take care of your dark circles.

Potato juice is extremely beneficial in lightening and brightening the skin under the eyes or the dark circles we can also say!Take a potato and peel it. Cut thin slices and try to rub it under the eyes or cut in in the half moon shape and then put it under the eyes then they will fit perfectly. You can keep them for 30 minutes and till then relax. Over the time it will surely diminish the darkness.

When it comes to soothe and relax tired puffy eyes, cucumber would be the first thing that comes to my mind. It has the capability to remove dark circles and brighten the under eye area and not only this it helps in puffy eyes as well. Just like potatoes you can either slice them and keep them on the eyes and relax or you can extract the juice out of it by putting in the blender and then dip cotton balls into that cucumber juice. Put the cotton balls on the eyes. Use chilled cucumber juice so that it can calm tired and red eyes. Frequent use of this remedy is a sure shot way to get rid of those unflattering dark circles under your beautiful peepers!

Oils like castor oil or Almond oil are known to remove the circles as well. In fact most of the under eye creams and serums have the almond oil as one of the major ingredient. You can use any of these oils that you can find easily. Take a drop of that oil and rub it under the eyes gently don’t take it too far below around your nose if you have oily skin, concentrate only on under eye area. It can be done at night and wash your face with cleansers like usual in the morning.

These treatments or remedies are cheap and show significant results on your dark circles and hopefully they will be gone soon. Most importantly try to sleep at least for 7 hours along with the above mentioned natural ways.

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