Friday, 16 August 2013

Save money by Making your own Tinted Moisturizer at home

Make your own Tinted Moisturizer 

There are a lot of type of foundations available in the market to suit each and everyone’s need like if you want matte skin, dewy skin, glowing skin, all day stay makeup, water proof makeup etc and there are Tinted Moisturizers, perfect for those who don’t like cakiness or heavy coverage. They are light weight and gives a sheer coverage so you’re your skin can shine through. 

As the name says it all Tinted moisturizers are moisturizers primarily that gives you hydrating throughout the day but does have some pigment that can help concealing and even tone the skin.
Do you know that you can even make tinted moisturizer yourself and will get the same effects and results which will save your money and also if in case, when you ran of that readymade one and you realize that in the morning! It will be a saviour! How cool is that?
So, here’s a easy recipe to make it yourself.
For that, you will need a moisturizer and your favorite foundation. Make sure that if your skin is oily you choose an oil free moisturizer which I am assuming you would. You can do this either in your existing moisturizer bottle or if you would need that moisturizer only again then take a new bottle which is clean. 

If you are using an old bottle that had some other product before then do clean it thoroughly so that there are no traces of the cleanser left you used to clean the bottle and for extra hygiene. Boil some water in a bowl and immerse the bottle for 10 minutes. Let it air dry. Not only for this but you can do this type of cleaning with every old bottle or container that you wish to use for your skin.

Now, in that bottle pour in the moisturizer that you wish to use. Then, take the foundation you would like to put and adjust the quantity yourself like how much color or pigment you want in your moisturizer. Refrain from touching the mouth of any of the bottles or using fingers if the foundation is not coming out of bottle or to push the product in the bottle. 

Use clean spatula instead. Hygiene is Important! You are going to put it on your face Right?
Now, once you have poured both moisturizer and the foundation. It’s time to mix them thoroughly.

Once it is mixed, you can check it you want more foundation or not. If yes, then add some more, shake it again. If not, you are good to go!!

Your home made cheap Tinted moisturizer is ready!! And yes, it’s no less than the original one.


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