Monday, 12 August 2013

Deepika Padukone Makeup breakdown for three looks

Makeup breakdown of Deepika Padukone

Deepika padukone is a gorgeous woman who is extremely beautiful and a fit toned body. With her recent releases like Chennai express, Ye Jawani hai Deewani and appearances for the promotions, made me like her even more. Here, we will have a see makeup breakdown of her 3 random looks in details. 

Undoubtedly she looks amazing in them so, I tried to put in the details about the makeup as per my best knowledge.

In the first look, I really like this photo of her’s, everything from hair, makeup and dress even though the photo has been retouched a lot of times, to give her a smooth, even tone and fairer complexion as she has good medium toned skin.
Never mind, here her brows are usually filled and with a thick eyeliner. I guess a matte taupe or brown shade has been used for the lids. Little contouring is visible but the best thing is the lip color which is a shade between red and brown like a deep rusty color. For that eye makeup, lip color is just perfect and so beautifully compliments the overall look with the dress of course!
In the second picture here, She has a subtle neutral colors on the eyes which goes really well with her beige dress with gold detailing.

For the eyes, she has a brown eye shadow on the lids, extended outwards to create a slight wing and a darker shade like grey, I think near the lash line. Below the lower lash line, there is a golden colored shadow on the inner half portion near the tear duct and the outer half there is the same color that had been used on the lids. No false eye lashes but the mascara!
For the lips, there is this lovely oxblood kind of lip color and light bronzer.
Eyebrows are filled to make them appear thicker but not denser since they are only lightly filled for a more natural look!

Makeup breakdown Kim kardashian

The last look would be a daily wearable types with an eyeliner and peachy brown lips. Eyebrows are filled usually. 

Eyeliner is a pencil one, I think since it is too dark like the bold black in liquids and creams/gels. Here is very softly applied peach blush that completes the look!

Image credit: 123


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