Tuesday, 22 October 2013

5 Things that you should avoid to get clear skin

We love pampering and taking care of our skin. We invest in a lot of products that can help us get a glowing skin, fair skin etc etc but have we ever thought that there can be some habits that we should leave as they can be damaging or the biggest enemy for us in achieving a great skin. These habits can actually leave your costly skin care of no use!

Read below and know the culprits:

Overload of creams and lotions
Almost all the creams, lotions, moisturizers that we come across have chemicals and preservatives in the form of parabens etc. Whenever a new product is launched in the market, we will rush to try it which we should avoid and till the time a particular product is working well for us, we should not change it just for the sake of trying a new product.
This disrupts skin pH balance and irritates the skin, at time skin problems, fine lines and other problems are also seen due to this. It’s a complete no no.

Sleeping with makeup on
This one is the major culprit in skin problems. Have you noticed, some people have white pearly beads/whiteheads on their cheeks as most of the time they do not clean and take off the makeup properly before going to sleep.
Makeup makes you look beautiful and confident about yourself but not removing it properly can take a toll on your skin so, get rid of it properly before sleeping. Invest in good makeup remover if you use waterproof makeup.

Using wrong products
Most products come with the tag that whether they are for oily or dry skin types, but there are certain products that lack this so, try to make sure, it suits you well! Like using a greasy moisturizer for oily skin or using a foaming face wash on dry skin.
This is true in case of makeup also if you have oily skin, say away from oil based skin makeup like foundations and concealer. They can make your oily skin worse.

Touching your face frequently
If you are amongst those who touch your face often then stop it right now! Our hands touch everything right from a chair to book to fridge to drawers and they are more likely to get dirty soon, Thus when you touch your face with your dirty hands, imagine you are putting all that dirt along with bacteria on your face, which can be  a reason for skin problems and blemishes.

So, next time, if you do any of these think again!!


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