Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Review: Olay Natural white day fairness cream

Review: Olay Natural white day fairness cream

I will review this cream which is for fairness from Olay. I am not sure about the fairness claims but it is an okay product when it comes to creams for oily skins. 

Price: 79 for 20 gms earlier it was more but now they have reduced the price so, if you want to try this olay cream you can get this smaller trial pack.

Good features of this cream: This cream comes in a normal tube packaging that is very tiny and can also be kept in your bag. Quantity that you will get is okay. The cream is a white colored medium consistency product which gets absorbs into your skin when you lightly massage it on your face. Unlike most of the other creams and lotions you will have to give it some more time while rubbing it over your face else you can feel like something is on your face. It will not control oil but will also not make your skin greasy or oily. Using this for more than a month has definitely improved the skin texture and made it a bit smoother and some marks were also faded. It can be a good fairness day cream for oily skin to combination skin.
Features that may bother: As I have said it doesn’t control oil though it can’t be denied that most of the creams and lotions cannot so, It isn’t that bad. Skin feels greasy after a couple of hours. Fairness is not seen, it can only improve your texture of the skin but complexion lightening is not seen. May be a shade lighter that wasn’t noticed much.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Who will like it? People who are on a budget and want a fairness cream which should work decently and also can improve some skin tone then you can try it. Fairness point of view it may not be great but as an affordable day cream it can be tried! It is for oily to normal skin especially as can dry out the dry skin and will not be able to give sufficient moisture.


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