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Amla juice benefits for your skin and hair

Skin and Hair benefits of Amla Juice

Our very our Amla which is also known as “Indian Gooseberry” is a miraculous fruit or product with several health, skin, hair benefits attached due to its properties.
This very high in Vitamin C and rich in antioxidant. You can eat it dried, raw or as in the juice form. Amla juice has got lot of benefits but here we are concerned more about hair and skin related benefits of Amla.
Skin benefits of Amla Juice
As it is a powerful antioxidant with Vitamin C, it acts  to keep the skin young and youthful and plump for a longer time or in other words it delays the aging effects like fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots etc. 

Drinking a portion of amla juice can help post pone aging surely.
When the skin collagen decreases, skin tissue tend to loose their firmness and softness due to which it sags and as Amla has Vitamin C which is known very well to boost collagen production, makes it a great fruit to preserve your skin’s youthful charm.
Now,even if you don’t ingest it you can use Amla juice to cleanse your face, it has the toning properties and is very mild exfoliant in nature hence removes dead skin cells. It is suitable even for sensitive skin. Or you can dilute it with some water if you wish. 
Take a cotton wool and then apply it on the face leave it for some minutes and then rinse off. keep your eyes shit while rinsing though.
Just like lemon or even more than them , they are capable of reducing your skin marks and scars. Regular use of Amla juice just like lemon juice can help lightening the marks away.
You can also use Amla juice  along with honey and apply as a face pack which is suitable for all skin types and can be great for making your complexion lighter and has this brightening effect on the skin.
Hair Benefits of Amla Juice
We have heard a lot from our grand mums that secret to healthy hair can be Amla oil. They are correct! Like wise Amla juice can also be beneficial for rinsing your hair after the hair wash to add extra shine and bounce to your hair

You can also mix some of it with the Heena and it will combat the drying nature of henna thereby giving you healthy and conditioned hair.
You can also mix Amla juice with an egg beat it and apply on your hair massaging a bit. This will help masking the smell of eggs and results will be be both shiny silky and squeaky clean nourished scalp.
Drinking Amla juice daily will not only help your skin but your hair and over all health.
It is very sour in taste but after some days you will be habitual. If you try to drink it daily then dilute it with some water. It will help!

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