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Skin care tips for oily skin and how to prevent skin problems

Skin care tips for oily skin

Oily skin is due to our over active sebaceous glands which makes it sticky and prone to pimple, acne and other skin related problems but it can also be good because as compared to other skin types oily skin ages slower and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are also delayed.

When we are young we feel that oily skin is hard to manage which  would agree but with proper tips and care you can keep your oily skin well behaved.
Here are some of the tips that you can try:

1. Having said that, Oily skin is due to over secretion of oil so, make sure you wash your face thrice in a day that means with facial cleanser in the morning and at night and with plain water in between during the day.

2. Try using a clay or Neem face pack to purify the skin and clay absorbs the excess oil. Don't use the purifying face packs/masks for more than 15 minutes as they are dry up the skin and then the glands will secrete more oils. Same thing is with the face washing do not over do it.

3. Use oil blotting sheets if you can not wash with plain water while you have your makeup on. If you are a guy then you can wash your face with plain water during the day while you are in school college or even office. (you don't have to worry about the makeup. Right?)

4. Don't use any product that has too many chemicals as it can irritate the skin and always check the product for a day to see of it doesnot causes acne. Always choose the products made for your skin type.

5. If you use makeup then stay away from oil based makeup products for your face as it can clog your pores which can result in skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

6. Try to steam your face for 3-4 minutes once in a week to open up and cleanse the pores completely which should be followed by a face pack application, there you can try using the purifying face packs like clay, neem etc. You can make them at home or get ready made ones from the market. Try this sandalwood and clay face pack

7. Wash your hands before applying anything like creams /lotions etc and do not touch your skin with your hands as it can be a reason for bacterial infection leading to acne which you wish to avoid at any cost.

8. Use a gentle cleanser than should not be over drying as it will lead to more oil formation like in case of foaming cleansers. Use mild facial cleansers that can remove oil but not the essential oils.

9. Even oily skin need moisturisation so, if you are using moisturizer, choose the one which is specially formulated for oily skin and is oil free and light.

10.While going out always wear your sunscreen as it will not only help you with tanning but prevents premature aging as well so, use a sunscreen that has a gel base, as the lotion and cream formula of the sunscreens can clog pores at times and also can make you sweat in hot/humid climate.

Try to keep your skin clean and remember these tricks. Oily skin isn’t that hard to take care of.

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