Friday, 1 November 2013

Grow your hair with Onions: Hairfall and regrowth remedy

Onions as a home remedy for hair growth 
Nothing can be too bad than loosing bunch of hair when ever your roll your fingers across your hair or try to run comb into your hair. Hairfall is the most common problem that we suffer these days. No matter what age we are. You can still face hairfall. Some can have normal but others can have abnormal shedding of hair strands.

It can be due to stress, tension, hereditary, hormonal, child birth, etc etc. But there are some home remedies and natural hair care tips that can save your precious hair from falling out.

Here’s a do it yourself easy methods that you can do to help combat hair loss. 

For this natural remedy to cure hairfall you will need onions only. Yes, onions, the food that can make you cry has got the potential to cure hair fall as well.

Now, why onions, it is because, onions are antibacterial, antifungal that prevents scalp from infections and most importantly, it contains sulphur, which can greatly benefit when one is suffering from excessive hair loss. It helps hair regrowth.

  • For this you have to take an onion and put it into the blender to extract the juice out of it and throw away the pulp. 
  • Take this juice in a small bowl and use it with your fingers to rub into your scalp.
  • Be gentle, don’t be too harsh and slowly massage the juice into the scalp and once you are done, if some juice is still left, you can apply on the hair till ends too.
  • Allow it to be like that on your scalp for about 45 minutes or more and then wash off with plain water first then use a shampoo that you normally use. 
  • Do not use harsh chemical loaded shampoos. Use gentle ones. 
  • After the shampoo use your regular conditioner and the treatment is over.

You can do this at least twice a week since it is not very difficult or time consuming to do. You may not like the smell but something that helps you is worth bearing.

If you think you will not be able to bear the smell than you may also use some curd or honey in the onion juice but using it in its original form is recommended for greater and faster results in your hair fall problem.

It can be done my both males and females, twice a week possibly and soon you will see the difference. Hairfall will be reduced and new hair follicles will be there from the roots.

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