Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Beauty Tips for your Sensitive Skin

Beauty tips for face for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin doesn’t matter whether it is oily, normal or dry should be taken care carefully. How do you know you have sensitive skin? If your skin gets irritated soon after you have applied a product or it easily starts to burn or have tingling sensation, then it is said to have sensitive in nature. You can go to a professional to confirm the same. As it is easily tends to get rashes, burns etc
Therefore, you should always be gentle with the sensitive skin. Here are some tips to take care of your sensitive skin.

Choose a cleanser that doesn’t contain fragrances and should not have too many ingredients. It should be gentle. Never go for a soap bar or soapy cleansers as they can be very drying. Do not wash your face too frequently, twice a day would do!

While using scrubs, try not to rub too hard as the face can get red or red rashes may appear. Exfoliation should be limited to once a week.

Always check the ingredients for skin care and makeup and stay away from harsh chemicals. Check and look for a skin toner that is alcohol free. Alcohol in face toners can irritate the skin and can strip the essential natural oils as well.

When it comes to moisturizers, use moisturizer that is gentle and is devoid of fragrances as most of the skin care products that have fragrances can irritate the sensitive skin.

If you are not sure if a new product will be suitable for you or not, try using some of it near your ear for around 3-5 days and see if it causes any reactions. If not, you can go ahead with it!!

Use a sunscreen while going out as sun damage is seen more when you have skin that is very sensitive. Occasionally skin bumps, rashes can occur as a result of sun damage and not to forget the premature aging due to sun. Therefore, make sure that you wear your sunscreen.

Choose makeup products with lesser ingredients especially for the foundation since that is the one that is directly in close contact with the skin and will be there for so many hours.

Discard your old makeup products once they expire which is really important even if you DONOT have sensitive skin. Old makeup can clog pores or can give you skin problems. Better to get rid of them at the right time!

Drink lot of water and eat fresh veggies and fruits.


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