Monday, 5 May 2014

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel and juice for face, hair and body

Benefits of Aloe Vera juice and gel

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with lots of medicinal and beauty benefits. Many products these days come with aloe Vera gel or extract in them. It is known to cure, heal and soothe the irritated and itchy skin and also the scalp.
Aloe Vera gel is miraculous, though in this post, I will mention some health and beauty benefits of aloe Vera juice along with the gel.

Aloe Vera juice benefits:
Aloe Vera juice is very high in vitamins and other minerals that are very essential for the body.
It also helps in constipation. Aloe Vera juice when taken orally in the morning helps keep the stomach clean and constipation along with mild stomach aches at bay.

It keeps the gut clean. Aloe Vera juice is very effective in any stomach or digestion related problem. It keeps the gut clean and reduces the harmful bacteria which further helps in cleaning out the gut.

Aloe Vera gel is also known to regulate the blood sugar levels. It has been observed and shown in a study that It is also known to decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases.
Aloe Vera juice also cures cold and cough.

Aloe Vera gel uses:
Aloe Vera gel is used widely in cosmetics to soothe the skin.

It helps in sunburned skin and prevents tanning and also reduces tan from the skin.
It heals the burned and cut on the skin.

Aloe Vera gel hydrates the skin and can be used as a face pack to rejuvenate the dry and dull skin
It is also said to be very effective in lightening stretch marks.

If the skin on your face is inflamed or red, then applying aloe Vera on it is quite beneficial.
Apart from the skin, aloe Vera gel when applied on the scalp gets rid of the itchiness.

If you are suffering from long time dandruff, then also aloe Vera gel comes to your rescue. Apply gel on the scalp for around an hour, it cures dandruff.

You can also use it on your hair strands to condition and nourish them. It can be a good hair conditioner for normal to dry hair.

Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant that can do a lot of tasks for you! Put it into your home or garden so that you can extract the fresh gel anytime you want!


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