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Home Remedies to get rid of darkness on lips

Home Remedies to get rid of darkness on the lips 
Your smile can illuminate your entire face. When you smile or talk your lips are noticed the most. Therefore, it is worth to have them rosy soft and smooth. Dry and chapped lips with patchy pigmentation take away their beauty. Due to factors like sun exposure, dryness or certain makeup/lip products lips can get dark. Below we have shared some tips that will help you remove the darkness from your lips naturally. If you someone who is thinking about how to get rid of dark lips through home remedies then this is for you!

Lemon juice no doubts is known for its skin lightening properties, therefore, it has a great potential to take away the darkness from your lips. All you will have to do is to cut a lemon in half. Take out the juice in a spoon. Then, from your fingers gently rub the juice all over the lips and keep it over night. Gradually, your lip pigmentation and patchiness will reduce. Remember, if you have cuts or skin peeling off the skin, there can be tingling sensation once you apply the lime juice.

Turmeric too can take away the darkness from the pigmented lips. You can either apply this with the lime juice or just by adding a couple of drops of coconut oil in it. Leave it overnight to work on the pigmentation.

Olive oil
Olive oil is not for the hair and skin only but you can also use it to get rid of the dark lips easily. Take a couple of drops into your palm and apply it on the lips. It nourishes them, heals and repairs and with regular usage patchiness and pigmentation on the lips will be gone.

Berries like strawberries, mulberries have enzymes that can lighten the skin and take away the sun damage and tanning. So they can also be used on the lips if you wish to reduce the pigmentation. Just rub the berries at night and go to bed!

Regular exfoliation or scrubbing which removes dead top layer will make sure that the lips are smoother and the pigmentation is diminished eventually. You don’t have to use the costly lip scrubs. you can either use an old toothbrush with some Vaseline on it to exfoliate your lips or you can also use some sugar with olive oil/honey to scrub the dead skin away from the lips.

Other than the above mentioned home remedies. You should also take care of the following things:
Wear lip balms and lip products with SPF in it to prevent the lips from sun damage.
Drink lot of water
Never use cheap quality lip products on your lips, they can make them dark, if a lip product is doing that, throw it right away!


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