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How to cure and prevent Hair fall naturally

How to cure hair fall naturally 
Our hair plays a very important part in our beauty. Having beautiful hair naturally is like a dream but when hair gets thin and you start losing hair strands, it raises an alarm. Normally 50- 70 strands a day is considered normal by many dermatologists though when this amount increases, it indicates some problems. Hair fall can be due to a lot of factors like stress, hereditary, hormones, medical condition to name a few. Thinning of hair and the bald patches in the scalp is called as alopecia.

Here are some home remedies that can help you to cure your hairfall and few tips to prevent hairfall that actually shows good results in preventing the hairfall naturally.

Hot oil massage

Oil massage not only helps getting thicker and lustrous mane but it also helps prevent hair fall, boasts the blood circulation and makes hair stronger. You can use any two or three oils for that coconut, Olive oil or Amla (Indian gooseberry) is very effective in combating hair loss.

Coconut Oil with other herbs

You can also apply a concoction to massage your hair where you will need pure coconut oil, some curry leaves, fenugreek seeds and lemon juice. Crush the fenugreek seeds and curry leaves in the warm coconut oil and add half lemon’s juice. Then apply this mixture to massage your hair. Keep this overnight and shampoo the next day. It removes dandruff, fights hair loss and helps in regrowth. 


Henna is known to soothe the scalp, removes dandruff and also colors the hair but it also strengthens the roots. So apply henna regularly on the scalp if you can.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla is a very powerful antioxidant that is also packed with Vitamin C. You can apply Alma along with shikakai and brahmi. Boil the three in the water and when they become softer, crush them and extract the juice. Apply this juice as an oil to coat your scalp and hair. Leave that for 2-3 hours and shampoo.


Onion juice is known to promote hair growth therefore applying onion juice on the bald patches or the areas where the hair density is reducing. It is quite easy to do home remedy to cure hair fall.

Prevention is always better than cure and apart from the above mentioned cures, you need to check that you do follow the below mentioned tips to prevent your hair fall.

1. Take a balanced diet that includes Vitamin A, iron and calcium. You can also take supplements for that.

2. Reduce stress by meditating every morning.

3. Brush your hair with a paddle brush or any wide brush every night before going to bed, It enhances blood circulation and boosts hair regrowth.

4. Indian Gooseberry or Amla when eaten shows good results for your skin and hair. So if possible eat a portion of amla everyday or drink amla juice.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

6. Exercising is very important if not then try doing Yoga poses that you can easily do but remember not to strain yourself.

7. Stay away from chemical styling treatments as they damage the hair badly.

8. Do not be harsh or rough with your hair while combing or detangling te knots. Be gentle.

9. Always use natural hair care products.

10. Don’t overdo shampoo. First rinse should be enough!


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