Monday, 12 May 2014

Tips to reduce the dark circles under the eyes

Tips to get rid of the dark circles

Our eyes are the windows to our souls and should be given extra attention and care. Due to work and hectic schedule at times the under eye area can get darkened which can also depend on certain factors like not getting proper sleep, cold or infection like sinus infection, hereditary etc.

Whatever may be the cause of this, we want to eradicate them, reduce them so that we should look more awake and fresh. The dark circles under the eyes can be blue toned, purple or green. But whatever is the tone of your dark circles. We have some tips below that will help you to remove the dark circles under your eyes.

1. One of the most effective and yet the cheapest method would be using potatoes. You will need a potato, which you will have to grate and take the juice out of it. Then apply this juice over the lids and under the eyes before going to sleep. The enzymes that are present in the potato juice will help reduce the darkness under your eyes and gradually you will notice the area is getting brighter and matches with the rest of the face.

2. You can also use cucumber slices for the same but you don’t need to grate them. Just cut them in slices and put one slice each over the eyes. Lie down and relax. This can be really soothing and also reduces puffiness.

3. Another easy home remedy to say good bye to your under area dark circles would be using Milk and some cotton. Take some milk and two cotton balls or cotton pads. Soak each of them in the milk and put them into the freezer, take them out after some time, when they will be chilled and keep them over the eyes just like the slices. The milk enzymes work on the darkness and the coolness will soothe and relax your eyes.

Even if you do not have dark circles doing any of these regularly everyday or every other day will help prevent them. Now, most importantly the root cause of most of the dark circles is sleep deprivation, so make sure that you sleep for at least 7 hours a day for brighter and fresher looking eyes.

Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and do not strain your eyes to much while sitting in front of the computers.
Do some easy exercises and keep your eyes in healthy state!


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