Monday, 12 May 2014

Tips to take care of your eyes and maintain vision

Tips to take care of your eyes and maintain vision

Our eyes are very important sense organ that needs extra care and in fact eyes serve an important function. Therefore, to keep them healthy and maintain the vision everyone should take care of their eyes. These days when all of us are glued to our computers and television screen which can cause a lot of eye related problems like pain in the eyes, defect in the vision, watery eyes or redness.
Here are few tips for the eye care that everyone should keep in mind. These tips can help your peepers stay in perfect health. They will take only a couple of minutes but will fetch a lot of good results in the end.

Tips to take care of the Eyes

1.  Never rub your eyes vigorously. If you face mild itching then be very gentle and if the itching is too much use eye drops after consulting your doctor.

2. If your eyes tend to get dry then blink more, blinking is a process where the lids when blinked lubricates the eyes and don’t forget to visit the doctor regarding this.

3. While working on computers or watching TV for long, try to look away and blink your eyes so that they don’t strained. Look away and blink a couple of times.

4. If you feel that your eyes are getting tired and fatigued. Splash cold water on them, doing this will soothe them.

5. Try to wear anti glare glasses while you work on your computer this will reduce the glare and eyes will not get strained much.

6. Try to put cucumber slices on the eyes every other night if not every night. This helps relax the eyes and minimizes the chances of dark circles.

7. You can also use potato slices which reduce the dark circles under the eyes.
8. Make sure to use a good under eyes cream before going to sleep since under eye area doesn’t have any glands to lubricate the area.

9. Do the easy eye exercises daily which hardly takes a minute or two. All you need to do is to look straight, then without moving your neck just the eyes, look down then look up, left and right. Rub your palms and then place them over your eyes. The warmth will relax them.

10. Go for regular eye checkups.

11. If you are a contact lens user then try to use clean hand to insert and take out your contacts.

12. Change the contact lens solution every day and close the lids tightly.

13. Never wear out of date or expired contact lenses.

14. While going out in the sun, wear good quality sunglasses that should protect your eyes from dust, pollution and UV rays.

15. Lastly, eat green leafy vegetables rich in Vitamin A, iron etc like spinach, salmon etc that protects the eyes from a lot of diseases.


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