Monday, 23 June 2014

Beauty Tips to get Fair Skin Naturally

Natural Beauty Tips to get fair complexion
Most of us wish for a flawless complexion that is fair and bright. This desire has lead to a lot of fairness products entering in the market, which may or may not work as effectively, also can have some long term side effects but we have so many home remedies and natural beauty tips that can give us a fairer and bright complexion with no extra cost. All they need is some dedication and willingness to go with them regularly. Before telling you about the natural tips to get fair, there is an important thing that we all should be aware of and that would be sunscreens. Always use a sunscreen whenever you go out of the house in the sun. Sun damage can cause aging faster and your skin will also get tanned due to which it will appear darker than it actually is hence you can lose your natural fair complexion.

So, here are we some natural and easy to do home remedies to get fair skin naturally for you:

Lemon and Turmeric to improve complexion:

Both of these ingredients lemon and turmeric are known even in Ayurveda as complexion enhancers, they can make skin tone lighter by 2-3 shades quite easily and naturally.

You will need half lemon and one fourth tea spoonful of turmeric powder.

  • Squeeze out the lemon’s juice in a small bowl and add that turmeric powder in it making a paste which will be slightly liquid.
  • Add some water in it to dilute it, just a little bit nothing much.
  • Apply this mixture on the entire face and over the lips as well if they are dark too.
  • Leave it overnight on the face and in the morning wash the wash with lukewarm water as turmeric will stain the face yellow therefore, lukewarm water will get rid of the stain quickly. Use a mild cleanser after wards.

This can be done every other day and it will show great results in improving the complexion of your face, thereby making your skin fairer. This can be done on the hands and feet as well. It lightens the skin tone and removes tanning. Please note that due to the lime juice you will feel mild tingling sensation on the face.

Cucumber and Rose water for fair skin:

Cucumber is another food item that can make your skin fair. This home remedy is very easy. You will need a cucumber and some rose water.

  • Mix cucumber juice and rose water in equal quantity with a pinch of turmeric and apply on the face.
  • You can leave it overnight for better results else one hour should be at least there.
  • The following morning, wash the face with plain water, as the yellow stain won’t be much, it will get removed pretty quickly.

This acts as a both toner and skin lightening remedy. Cucumber and rose water will tone the skin and turmeric will make the complexion fair without any extra efforts. This can be done daily. Or alternately with the lemon and turmeric face pack.

Papaya and honey for fairness:

Papaya acts as a skin lighting face mask when mixed with honey but other than that it lightens the marks and scars from the face and makes skin tone fair.

  • Make a pulp from a papaya piece and mix some honey in it.
  • Apply it on the face and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with plain water and pat dry.

Enzymes in papaya will lighten the skin tone and acne marks while honey will add that extra glow to your skin. This can be an ideal homemade face mask for dry skin. Having said that those of you with oily skin too can try it by mixing 2-3 drops of lime juice.

Make sure that you do these fair complexion treatments and home remedies regularly as natural remedies can take some time to show their results but it’s worth to do them since they do not have any side effects. Every remedy stated above will surely make your skin fair and improve the overall skin texture.


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