Thursday, 18 July 2013

2 Home made Face packs to get Fair skin

Fair clear skin is like a dream for most of us. There are loads of creams and lotions available that claims to give you fairness in stipulated time. I don’t know whether they can actually do that and if they do till when the results will last. But there are some well known, tried and tested home remedies that can help reducing the tanning, brighten and lighten the complexion. 

They are safe and nothing fancy, free of chemicals and can definitely improve your skin tone if used religiously and can sustain the effects unlike the fairness/ whitening/ brightening or lightening products.
Some of you may feel that they are time consuming as you have to make them fresh whenever you have to use them then I would say little efforts goes long way. Once you get the habit then you won’t feel the same.
So, here are the two easy fairness face packs that can give you fair complexion and can be made from the easily available kitchen stuff.

1. Lemon and honey face mask

Nothing can be easier and effective than this combination when it comes to fairness face masks/packs that is easy to do. You have to mix a teaspoonful of honey with one fourth of lime juice and mix tem well. Make sure that you are not allergic or your skin isn’t too sensitive to lime juice.

Apply it in a massaging motion and leave it for 15-20 minutes. It will not get dry as it has honey which is a natural humectant.  Rinse with plain water and apply fresh Rose water. Honey can also be used as a homemade hair mask for silky smooth hair. Honey hydrates and gently exfoliates. It is amongst one of the natural face cleanser as well. Pure and organic honey is the best to use.
Lime juice has bleaching effect and due to which it removes and lightens scars, blemishes and lighten skin when used regularly.

As it has lime juice you should avoid going out in the sun, hence evening would be the best to try this.
This face mask can be used 3 a week or as per your convenience.

2. Chick pea Flour and turmeric fairness face pack 

This is a sure shot remedy or method to get fair skin. Take a teaspoonful of Chick pea powder or flour. Add a pinch of turmeric and less than a teaspoonful of curd or yoghurt

You can estimate the ratio yourself as we don’t want a consistency that drips or is too thick to be spread. If your skin isn't too sensitive then add few drops of lime juice in this paste too.

Apply it all over the face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Remove it with gentle facial massaging. If it has dried up then wet your hands and then try to remove it gently in massaging movements.
Wash your face with plain water and apply light moisturizer if needed or rose water.
It can be done 3- 4 times a week and is great for all skin types.  

Turmeric is antimicrobial and also anti bacterial and has the power to heal. Lactic acid in the yoghurt nourishes and exfoliates gently with skin brightening. 
Lime juice again is very effective in makes skin tone lighter.

These are very easy remedies that shows great results, if followed regularly. 
They can help remove or lighten tanning and scars too so you can still use them even if your primary concern isn’t fairness.


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