Monday, 15 July 2013

5 Beauty products you should keep in your handbag

While we are out for shopping, hangout, work or anything our handbag serves a very important role. It keeps some of the very important things that may differ from person to person.  However, there are few things related to makeup and beauty that you should keep in your handbag.

It isn’t necessary but good to have them.

Sanitizer: t is actually not a beauty product but not less than that and is a must have since you may not know when you need it and throughout the day while touching different things, toilet doors and knobs, keyboard etc. It becomes really important to keep your hands cleans. If you are amongst those who keep on touching their face often then it would be an absolutely useful. 

Hand cream and Lotion: A travel size mini hand cream or lotion can be quite handy as it when you wash your hands then it’s good to use a cream so as to prevent dry hands especially in winters when harsh wind takes a toll on your skin.

Facial wipes: Facial wipes are the easiest and most convenient way to clean your face without water when you are out of home. If have smudged your lipstick or eyeliner then they can be very useful and come to your rescue to remove makeup. You can keep the wet ones or the dry tissue types of wipes.

Kohl: Every woman loves to accentuate their eyes, no matter whether they like simple makeup or are a makeup junkie (which I am assuming most of us are) still kohl is one thing that almost all of us use. Even if you are not wearing any makeup or don’t want to kohl alone can help making your eyes look beautiful. 

Chapstick/ Lip balm: I feel this is one such product that is like a must have. It helps in keeping your lips moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. Colored or colorless, choice is yours but it’s always good to have them with you in your purse.

These were the products which I find that can be kept inside your bag even if you are someone who’s not much into makeup.



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