Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to get longer eye lashes naturally

Thick and long eyelashes are like dream. Those who have it are blessed. You can make your eyelashes thicker and longer with the help of volumising and lengthening mascaras but what if you want to have natural thicker and longer eye lashes. 

There are certain natural ways that may help in making the lashes thicker, when used for a certain period of time.
Below are few home remedies or methods that can give you thicker lashes.

Castor oil 
Castor oil is known to make lashes thicker. You have to make sure that you apply it on the roots of the lashes and let it be there over night. You will notice a visible difference in the thickness if not the length.
Olive oil
Olive oil is known to condition and hydrate the hair and it can also be used on the eye lashes and it is known to give significant results.
Almond Oil
If you can’t find castor or Olive oil then almond oil can be a great alternative or you may mix it with equal part of the castor or Olive oil.
It’s been known that Vaseline makes your eyelashes thicker though there isn’t any proof of that but those who have used it have seen great results including the one who is writing which is me.  You can gently apply some Vaseline with a Q tip on the roots and the lash strand. Try not to take it inside the eyes as it may lead to cloudy vision and you may have to go and wash off.

These remedies are best to do just before going to bed once you are done with your night time skin care regimen.

Try these natural methods and hopefully your will get thicker and longer lashes soon.

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