Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Home made hair masks for dry damaged hair

Dry and damaged hair isn’t flattering.  Sometimes it can be due to sun damage, pollution, styling, heat treatment etc.  Home made hair masks and packs can be beneficial in making hair soft, smooth and shiny. It may take some time to prepare the masks and use them but all the efforts are worth it.

There are many hair masks that you can make from your kitchen products. Like we say it won’t cost you much but will give you long lasting results and shiny, healthy locks.

Egg and olive oil
In order to create egg and olive oil hair pack, you have to take one egg and beat it so as to mix the egg white and the yolk, then add 2 teaspoon ful of olive oil and mix it well. Apply it all over the hair and try to coat each and every hair strand with the mixture. Leave it for half an hour and wash your hair with shampoo and then condition as usual.  Olive oil is a natural hair conditioner that makes then strong and flexible. Olive oil also treats dry scalp and helps in getting rid of dry flaky scalp.
Egg white is known to make hair shiny and smooth and egg proteins helps making hair stronger and manageable.

Banana and olive oil
If you can’t do the egg pack then do try this banana and olive oil hair pack. For this you will have to take one banana and make a pulpy paste out of it, then mix it with 2-3 tea spoonful of Olive oil depending on the length of your hair. Apply it all over the hair and the scalp, with gentle massaging and then it can be left for 30 minutes. Wash and shampoo and see the results.
These hair packs are full of nutrients and no harmful chemicals at all. With regular use you can see how it benefits your crowning glory.

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