Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tea Tree oil benefits for acne and pimples

Tea Tree oil benefits for acne

Pimple and acne is the most annoying thing we face during teenage unless we have dry skin and they can  haunt us till our late twenties as adult acne.

We try a lot of products for that however, there is one product that can be also tried for your acne and gives good results, I am talking about tea tree oil here.

Tea tree oil is extracted by steaming distillation of the tea tree leaves and is known for its properties as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal as well!

You can get tea tree oil in a mini bottles of 10 mls for brands like soul flower, aloeveda etc that can cost somewhere around 250 rupees.
Tea tree oil is also known as a immune system stimulant that makes our immune system strong to fight against infections.
It is useful in dandruff, ringworm infections, athlete’s foot etc but here we will talk about how you can use it for your acne that has been giving you sleepless nights!

As it is potential and capable enough to kill bacteria and thereby prevents the further infections its role in pimple control is widely known.
Tea tree oil comes under the category of essential oil which are very concentrated , so it becomes important to use them only after diluting them with some other oil like Jojoba, olive, hazelnut etc to prevent irritation or with some water.
Or you can apply it directly but topically only on the pimples alone and not on a larger skin area.

It is said to be used twice a day or before going to bed! Always make sure you are not allergic to this oil or any other stuff that you use on your face. Test it first before applying on an area near your ear, if irritation happens. Do not use that product!
It kills the acne causing bacteria and relief in pimples will be seen within a couple of days.


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